PANTAC System Control is an Australian System Integrator specialising in safety instrumented systems and critical control solutions. Our client base includes water, mining, chemical, power and the oil & gas industries.

PANTAC System Control staff and associates, total decades of experience in safety systems and rotating machinery controls. With both domestic and international project work completed throughout Asia.

PANTAC System Control’s principal is a TUV Functional Safety Expert (ID 251/13), Australian EnergySafe complex gas appliance (type B) licensed and Turbine Functional Safety Certified.

PANTAC System Control provides training services for the TUV FS Engineer certificate, Turbine Functional Safety Competency accreditation, compressor anti-surge control and Gas Turbine Instrumentation & Control

PANTAC System Control specializes in commissioning mission critical controls including:

Turbine safety & control

Gas and steam turbine
governor, sequence and process controls and simulation

Safety Instrumented Systems 
Emergency Shutdown Systems for major hazardous facilities

Burner Management Systems 
Boiler and Furnace burner management solutions complete with EnergySafe type B certification

Compressor control 
Anti-surge control, load sharing, process simulation

Generator control 
Automatic Voltage Regulation, AEMO compliance testing and modeling

Man machine interface Operator and data acquisition systems


 Gas turbine safety services for the power industry

PANTAC System Control has recently completed combustion risk assessments (HAZOP, SIL assignment and SIL verification) for a number key accounts including:
SnowyHydro – Laverton, Colongra and Valley Power Stations
AlintaEnergy – Newman and Bairnsdale Power Stations
EnergyAustralia – Hallett Power Station
Monadelphous – Tronox Power Plant

Type B gas safety services for GE now Baker Hughes

Gas compliance work completed for multiple GE controls upgrade.

PANTAC System Control provides GE Baker Hughes Type B gas safety services for gas turbine control upgrades (Mark IV, V to VIe + VIeS) including, risk assessment (HAZOP, LOPA, SIL assignment, SIL verification) as well as AS3184 compliance audits and gas submissions.

Current projects include Newman Power Station (3 x Frame 6) and Bairnsdale Power Station (2 x LM6000).

Gas turbine combustion monitoring

Modern gas turbines curb emissions of harmful, ozone-forming greenhouse gases and NOx through advanced combustor designs, a by-product of which involves combustion-driven pressure, heat release and flow rate oscillation which can damage the turbine package, adversely affecting performance. Our unique turnkey system aids active protection, alerting control systems to the signs of instability through variation in pressure amplitude and discrete frequencies observed within designated frequency range bands.

Combustion monitoring enables continuous output to control systems enabling engineers to determine the cause of instability or high emissions and undertake remedial action such as adjusting gas and air mixes and combustion sequencing.

Documents page : http://energycatalog.vibro-meter.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=51&Itemid=58

Documents page direct link: http://energycatalog.vibro-meter.com/images/Ansaldo_case_study-19Dec2016.pdf

Gas turbine instrumentation and control handbook. 

Pantac System Control releases a new gas turbine instrumentation and control training course. The course title will be ‘The What, Where, Why, How and When of gas turbine instrumentation and control.

Gas Turbines Conference, 25-26 November 2015

Pantac System Control continues to support the gas turbine conference with papers and this year’s topic is;

Gas turbine dynamic combustion monitoring using piezoelectric pressure sensors

– Overview of a combustion monitoring system and sensors
– Benefits of dynamic combustion monitoring and control
– What is combustion instability?
– Consequences of combustion instability

Reinier Van Dyk, Director – Turbomachinery Safety & Control

Pantac System Control awarded the Australian Vibro-Meter ® distribution rights

The new partnership enhances Pantac Control’s current protection and control system solutions with the ability to also provide vibration and condition monitoring solutions.

Pantac System Control can now provide turnkey solutions for all of your rotating machinery instrumentation requirements.

Meggitt manufactures sensors and solutions for leading gas and steam turbine manufacturers such as Alstom, GE, GEC, Siemens and Rolls Royce.  Vibro-Meter’s product range is designed for gas and steam turbine protection and condition monitoring.

Acid Plant integrated turbo-compressor controls upgrade

Pantac System Control successfully replaces 1 year old Compressor Control system at the Moranbah Ammonia Nitrate plant. The control system upgrade addressed significant process stability issues as well as improving plant reliability by an order of magnitude.

Project scope included

– Triple redundant SIL 2 control solutions
– Steam turbine power recovery train governor control
– Steam turbine and power recovery train overspeed protection
– Acid plant compressor process control
– Acid plant compressor anti-surge control.
– High speed data logging and DCS interface
– Local Man machine interface

A very critical project successfully commissioned with textbook delivery. The overall schedule was extremely challenging with less than 8 weeks from time of order to completion of commissioning.

Gas Turbine Instrumentation & Control training course 

Pantac System Control publishes the Gas Turbine Instrumentation & Control (GTIC) course with great success. Course successfully delivered in Queensland, New Caledonia and Victoria.

Student feedback is extremely positive.

TÜV Rheinland – Functional Safety Program 

TÜV Rheinland approves Pantac Control as training provider for the Functional Safety Engineer certificate – Safety Instrumented Systems.

TÜV Rheinland – Functional Safety Program will be taught by Pantac System Control’s technical director, Paul van Dyk – Functional Safety Expert (TÜV Rheinland #215/13).

PanSIL Gas safety audit services

Pantac System Control established PanSIL safety management services and software solutions for Safety Instrumented Systems and EnergySafe Type B classified gas fired appliances.

PanSIL is open source MS Access database solution that provides traceability throughout the complete Safety Instrumented System lifecycle.

PanSIL site services range from inspection and audits through to complete functional safety proof testing.

Valley Power Station

Pantac System Control successfully commissions and completes regulatory approvals for 6 sets of Pratt & Whitney twin pack turbo generators for Invensys Operation Management / Snowy Hydro Ltd. A project that achieved significant improvements in reliability, operability and diagnostic capabilities.

All 6 sets of controls upgrades were completed in two and half years.

High Gain Hydraulic Servo controls

Pantac System Control commissions high gain dual redundant digital servo control solutions at Jeeralang Power Station (GE Frame 9) and Roma Power Stations (GE Frame 6). Pantac Control’s solution is ideal for GE Frame machines that require high speed hydraulic controls that are independently monitored by SIL 3 Safety systems. Proof of position is a critical interlock for machine safety, i.e. leak testing, start position, maximum ignition rate (start gas flow rate) and acceleration.

Battery Monitoring Solutions

Commencing 2012 Pantac Control will distribute Battery Moniting Equipment in Australia.
Continuously monitor the health of critical DC battery back up systems.
Product range includes;
Battery Testers, Digital Hydrometers, Battery Monitoring Systems, AC & DC Load Banks