PANTAC System Control provides a complete range of turbine control solutions for Aero Derivative and Industrial gas turbines. Control system architectures include simplex, dual redundant and fully triplicated safety certified governor controls.

We have broad industry experience, are licensed combustion engineers with EnergySafe Victoria and Western Australia.

Control solutions are managed through a unique software library that is specifically designed for gas turbine control applications including;

– Aero Derivative and Industrial gas turbine; protection, governor and sequence controls
– AEMO IEEE model compliant governor control schemes
– AS3814 compliant isolation, position proving and leak rate controls
– Black start generation
– Base load and Peaking operation
– Bleed valves
– Change Over Switches
– Compressor controls; Load sharing, Performance, Load speed decoupling
– Exhaust Gas Temperature signal processing, voting and failover
– Emergency Shutdown c/w First Out alarm management
– Fire and Gas protection
– Fuel control valves
– Human Machine Interfaces c/w fast trending capability
– Inlet air fogging
– Inlet air evaporative cooling
– Generator controls; Load sharing, MW, Hz, MVAR
– Motor controls; VSD, pumps, fans, etc
– Multi fuel operation; on-line, off-line fuel transfer and mixed operation
– NOx control; Wet, Dry and pre-mix controls
– Overspeed protection
– Process controls
– Remote interfaces
– Servo controls
– Simulation controls
– Vibration analysis and protection
– Water and Steam injection

PANTAC System Control designs, supplies and commissions gas turbine controls for the following industries

Oil & Gas – on shore and off shore power generation
Oil & Gas – on shore and off shore gas compression
Petrochem – gas compression
Power Station – Black start and Peaking power generation
Mining – power generation

Our installed base includes leading Australian power generators

– Ecogen Energy
– International Power
– Origin
– Snowy Hydro
– Verve