PANTAC System Control provides a complete range of turbine governor and admission / extraction controls. Control system architectures include simplex, dual redundant and fully triplicated safety certified controls.

Over the past decade PANTAC System Control has progressively commissioned all of Caltex Australia’s Fluidic Catalytic Cracking Unit (FCCU) turbines, namely the main air blower and wet gas compressors. A large percentage of Taiwan’s refineries are also equiped with Pantac Controls.

PANTAC System Control specializes in solutions for;

– Integrated Turbine Compressor Control (ITCC)
– Integrated Turbine Generator Control (ITGC)
– Rotating machinery protection (ESD).

Project technical management is based on industry best practices and relevant International standards such as NFPA, API, IEC61511.

PANTAC System Control has mastered a broad range of industrial processes.

– Acid plant blower; motor, turbine and expander driven applications
– Boiler feedwater pumps
– Blowers / Expanders
– Extraction turbines; single (2 valve) and double (3 valve) admission / extraction
– FCCU power recovery train (steam turbine + motor generator + air compressor)
– Hydrogen reformer compressors
– Power generation turbines
– Sulfur recovery unit blowers
– Refrigeration trains; Refineries, Petro-chemical plants and gas processing plants
– Reheat turbines
– Wet gas compressors

Our Australian steam turbine installed base includes industry leaders such as

– Caltex
– Incitec Pivot
– Orica