PANTAC System Control compressor control strategies are optimised to incorporate most well understood traditional technologies as well as customized designs to cater for even the most challenging applications. Our technology is now based on standard industry practices, as well as enhancement from Research and Development including numerous reviews and comparisons of competing technologies such

■ CCC compressor controls
■ Dresser Rand turbine and compressor controls
■ ExxonMobil refining internal standards
■ GE turbine and compressor controls
■ Mann Turbo – GHH compressor controls
■ Mikon controllers
■ Shell refining internal standards
■ Solar turbine and compressor controls
■ Woodward governor controls
■ Triconex turbine and compressor controls

PANTAC System Control has a significant amount of compressor control design, commissioning and consulting experience. Starting in 1998 with Triconex anti-surge controls for natural gas pipeline compressors, our knowledge base has grown to encompass a fast range of applications. We have an excellent installed base throughout Australia and South East Asia.

FCCU blower and wet gas compressor control
Sulfur recovery unit compressor controls
Hydrogen reformer compressor controls
Tail gas compressor controls

Chemical plant
Syn gas (ammonia plant, olefin plant) compressor controls
Blower anti-surge control
Refrigeration compressor controls

Gas plant
Refrigeration compressor controls
Well re-injection control

Pipeline (on shore and off shore)
Natural gas compression and re-injection controls – anti-surge, load sharing, performance
Ethane gas compression controls

Gas compression – anti-surge, load sharing, sequence and performance controls
Well re-injection

Water treatment
Air blowers – anti-surge, load sharing, performance

Air blowers – anti-surge, load sharing, performance