PANTAC System Control has successfully commissioned many critical control systems. Retrofit projects and product development that contain multi-variable control strategies require extensive pre-FAT ‘dynamic’ simulation. Dynamic ‘real time’ simulation is an ideal way to ensure that performance standards are met well before equipment is shipped to site.

Our project and product development plans comply with AS/IEC 61508 & 61511 to ensure that both software and hardware designs are properly documented, developed and tested in accordance with written standards and V-model quality assurance methods.

Over a number of years, PANTAC System Control has developed a unique low cost simulation solution that is based on standard Human Machine Interface software. It is possible to completely verify turbine control logic without modifying the PLC source code. The Human Machine Interface package provides all the visual Operator interface requirements, i.e. graphics screens, trending, event logs, alarm management and the control scripts to provide near real time logic simulation.

It is now possible to re-engineer existing HMI Operator screens to provide complete sequence and process control simulation for the fraction of the price of traditional simulation packages. The solution is ideal for Operator training and Operator response testing as well as modeling control logic.