Technical regulators in Australia impose a duty of care on owners and operators of rotating machinery, to ensure that

protective functions are maintained at the levels of effectiveness determined in the original design.

PanSIL is a Safety Management solution that complies with the guidelines set out for plant and equipment safety systems in

accordance with

– AS 1375 / AS 3184

– AS 61508 / AS 61511

– ISO 21789

PANTAC System Control’s principal engineer is TUV certified, EnergySafe Victoria Type B advanced licensed and Turbine Functional Safety accredited.

Statutory regulators consider it prudent practice for Operators and Maintainers of safety systems, to maintain auditable records of maintenance activities associated with EnergySafe Type B classified gas fired appliances.

PANTAC System Control’s PanSIL Safety Management system provides traceability throughout the entire Safety Instrumented System life cycle.

PanSIL provides specific tools for the ‘Operation and Maintenance’ of safety critical controls.

PANTAC System Control provides complete risk assessment services for safety critical designs.