Meggitt has developed a signal transmission system that provides clean data over long distances in electrically noisy environments.

At the earliest opportunity (using electronics inside the sensor housing, if possible, or a separate signal conditioner module located close to the sensor) we convert the analogue charge or voltage waveform from the sensor into a balanced current signal. This can easily drive up to a kilometer of standard shielded, twisted pair instrumentation cable. At the receiving end, the current signal is connected to a GSI or GSV module, which acts as an electrical isolator, coverts the signal back to a voltage, and provides any power required by the sensor and its conditioner. This voltage signal is then routed to the monitoring or data acquisition electronics. Intrinsically safe signal chains are available.

The current transmission system has proven itself to be extremely reliable and trouble free, even in difficult environments with high electrical noise. Voltage transmission is an option for the IPC 704 and some other chains.

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