The VMU 100 is a single-channel, microprocessor-based vibration monitor for measuring and protecting individual machines or bearings, in conjunction with IEPE-type accelerometers such as Vibro-Meter’s CE 680 series.

The VMU 100 compact monitor is a surprisingly powerful protection monitor in a compact and rugged housing. Fully programmable, this digital monitor provides power and signal conditioning for the sensor, and performs filtering, rectification, and level comparisons on the signals to provide early warning of machinery problems, and shut-down in the event of a serious failure. There are optional DC outputs and optional serial communications for remote set-up and collection of level and status information. The live, unfiltered buffered dynamic signal is available on a BNC connector for data collectors and analyzers.


Rugged, compact, IP65-rated industrial housing
Measures vibration velocity, RMS or peak, metric or US units
Bright five digit display and five LED status indicators
User-configurable sensor ranges, measuring ranges, high- and low-pass filters, time delay, and alarm levels (two)
Optional DC output, 0-10 V or 4-20 mA
Optional RS output (RS-232C or RS-485, ModBus RTU) for remote configuration, status and level reading
Self check circuit (OK system) with relay
Buffered analogue output (BNC connector) for analyzers and data collectors


Accelerometer sensitivity from 9.5 to 105 mV/g in three ranges
FSD 10 to 500 mm/s or 0.5 to 20 in/s in six ranges (max i/p 100g)
Active LP filter, 40 Hz to 10 kHz in eight steps
Active HP filter, 1 Hz to 200 Hz in eight steps
Two NE or NDE alarm relays, latch or non-latch, 5% hysteresis
Time delay 1 to 99 seconds
Up to 31 VMU 100 units can be networked on a serial link
Input power from 115 VAC, 230 VAC, 20 to 30 VDC

Compact Monitor