Battery Testers – IBEX-Series

Battery monitoring is necessary to maintain and improve the life and performance of your battery.  “Recommended Practice for Maintenance, Testing, and Replacement for Stationary Applications”. The IBEX-Series battery testers provide an easy way to get quick and accurate results when testing a battery.

IBEX Series Battery tester is the battery monitoring system system that can measure internal resistance of a battery, and is compatible IEEE Std. 1188-1996 and 2005.


Battery monitoring – IBwatch series

Battery monitoring systems are a reliable, preventative measure taken by companies to ensure that they have peak performance in their batteries during critical times like power failure. The best software for battery monitoring will monitor and record battery performance at all times to make sure you known when something is wrong. You will find this and other products like our digital hydrometers in our product catalog.

PANTAC System Control offers IBwatch-Series battery monitoring systems. BMS/i-com, BDS/pro, and iPQMS solutions will make sure your batteries are working at full capacity. Battery management software package allows for batteries to be monitored 24 hours a day through a remote computer or phone service, so you’ll know the second something goes wrong.

IBwatch-Series battery monitoring systems will indicate and alarm when early signs of deterioration are present, i.e. complete life cycle from partial degredation to complete failure.

Digital Hydrometers

Eagle Eye SG-Series Digital Hydrometers / Density Meters measure the specific gravity, density and density-related values of your sample and shows the measuring results within seconds, ready for storage, printout or export to a PC. The SG-ULTRA allows the user to quickly & safely, test and record the temperature compensated value of their sample.