DC Load Bank | LB Series 

A load bank is a crucial part of any company’s power system. A load bank acts as battery testing equipment making sure that the power source is working correctly. It develops the load, applies the load to the power source, and converts the power output of the source. A load bank mimics a real load to see how the power source will react.

An important part of battery monitoring is a battery discharge test. If there is a power outage, it is important to make sure your battery will have the power to keep you running. The only way to do this is through regular battery monitoring systems. Regular testing will ensure your batteries a long life.

The LB series load banks are specially designed for discharge tests, capacity tests, battery maintenance, engineering examination and other tests for 24VDC power units by applying a load up to 300Amps. Standard available loads are 0-100Amps, 0-200Amps, 0-300Amps. Resolution 1Amp. The LB series are your smart, safe and environmentally-friendly load banks. *Wireless communication is optional for real-time monitoring during discharge.

LB Series Features

  • Rugged, compact and portable unit with carrying case

  • PTC ceramic resistor for safe discharging

  • Optional: Wireless communication for convenient discharge monitoring in PC

  • 4 settings for auto shut-down of discharge: Discharge time, discharged capacity, cell cut-off voltage and total cut-off voltage

  • Continued discharge available when certain cells voltage reach cut-off value

  • Parallel connection of two units for mass discharge

  • Optional: Real-time display of voltage for each cell

  • Optional: Accurate data results and vivid waveforms

  • Optional: Powerful management system for data analyzing

  • Auto sorting for lag-out batteries during discharging

  • AC & DC power supply modes for different needs

  • Integrated functions for displaying, controlling and discharging

  • Safe circuits avoids damage to battery when testing

  • Direct USB drive for convenient data transfer to PC

  • Warning info, dynamic discharge and static discharge data auto-saving.

The LB series load banks are capable of producing reports. To view a sample report, click here: LB_Sample_Report.pdf

To view LB Series brochure, click here: LB-Series.pdf

LB Series Technical Specifications

Power Supply:
• AC 220V/110V or DC (from battery), 50/60Hz

• 1% Resolution: 0.1A or 0.5%

Voltage Accuracy:
• 0.5% Sampling Interval 5s –1min

LDC Display:
• 128*64 pixel Communication USB

• 32F ~ 104F 5%~90% Relative humidity

Configuration Options:
• 24V, 0-100A
• 24V, 0-200A
• 24V, 0-300A
• Custom options also available.

Cell Type:
• 2V or 12V or 2V/6V/12V compatible

Dimensions (main unit):
• 15.71 x 6.96 x 11.02 inches (Size: S)
• 20.04 x 7.95 x 13.97 inches (Size: M)
• 21.85 x 8.85 x 17.12 inches (Size: L)
• 23.74 x 15.71 x 29.13 inches (Size: XL)

Weight Main Unit:
• 24.2 lbs. (small)
• 35.2 lbs. (medium)
• 42.6 lbs. (large)

*Note: Dimension and weight of whole unit depend on specific configuration.

EN61000-3-2: 2006


 String VoltageDischarge CurrentDischarge Voltage Range

24/48V, 0-200A10V-62V

LB-24/48 -300 24/48V 24/48V, 0-300A 10V-62V

LB-48-300 48V 48V, 0-300A 10V-62V

LB-48/125-10048/125V48/125V, 0-100A 10V-143V

LB-48/125-20048/125V48/125V, 0-200A10V-143V

LB-48/240-10048/240V48/240V, 0-100A 10V-284V

LB-125-100125V125V, 0-100A 105V-143V

LB-125-200125V125V, 0-200A 105V-143V

LB-125-300 125V 125V, 0-300A 105V-143V

LB-125/240-100125/240V125/240V, 0-100A105V-284V

LB-240-100240V240V, 0-100A 105V-284V

LB-380-50380V380V, 0-50A 190V-437V

LB-380-100380V380V, 0-100A 190V-437V