VibroSmart Systems

The VibroSmart® DMS (distributed monitoring system) is a system of modular and scalable products designed for condition monitoring and machinery protection applications for power generation turbines, oil and gas applications and auxiliary balance-of-plant equipment.

Modules can be mounted directly on machinery, eliminating the need for costly cabling, because it is designed and certified to work in extremes – harsh industrial environments characterized by potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX zone 2), high temperature (70oC) and high mechanical stress.

VSV300 Vibration module

The VibroSmart VSV300 vibration monitoring module has two independent dynamic vibration channels and one auxiliary channel, that can be configured as either a tachometer or a DC input channel. This measurement module is capable of stand-alone vibration monitoring or can be integrated with other VibroSmart DMS modules to create more comprehensive measurement blocks.

The VSV300 performs the data acquisition and all of the signal processing (filtering, analog-to-digital conversion, time and frequency domain processing, and resampling) required to produce processed outputs and extracted data for physical output and data presentation in VibroSight Vision and VibroSight Scope. This includes spectral band extractions, advanced FFT analysis, trending and limit checks (alarm and sensor OK), and run-up / run-down acquisition.

For applications with less demanding signal processing requirements, refer to the VibroSmart VSV310 module

VibroSight software

The VibroSight® software total monitoring solution, from Meggitt’s Vibro-Meter product line, is a highly integrated software suite that supports the effective condition monitoring of all rotating machinery. It is a modular system that has been designed to support the predictive methodologies that can be used to improve the effectiveness of your machinery.